smart retail - self check out system with AI
Computer vision self checkout - machine learning autonomous self checkout software

BAITEN STAND is a new generation of automated checkout software for smart retail using highly accurate image recognition technology. BAITEN STAND unmanned cashless software is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can be implemented in any retail shop. This automated self-checkout software applies its proprietary algorithms to a single mounted cameras which automatically analyze product's images data and send them to a POS terminal (touch screen).
BAITEN STAND self-checkout software offers a high accuracy rate with minimal learning data required.

How does it work?

1. Place one or multiple item on the Self-Checkout mat

2. The AI camera automatically recognizes products

3. Confirm and pay on the screen POS terminal

self checkout AI software - kiosk - machine learning autonomous self checkout software


Products inventory size No limit
Maximum simultaneous operation with 1 PC 3
Operation type Locally: GUI, POS, AI Cloud: Data storage, Data monitor, Dataset
Maximum number of recognizable products at once It depends on the camera range and product size
Camera range e.g) Height of camera: 600mm, camera range w:700mm, D:500mm
Time of recognition products at once 1 second
Set up time 1 hour
Inventory management Your POS via API
How to add Image dataset to Administration interface Download from the cloud, Input to Administration Interface
Support and maintenance fee Included
Customization and other integration fee Not included

Payment method (via API)

PayPay, Paypal and other online payment via API Available
Biometric (face recognition) Coming soon

Added value for smart retail

The benefits of BAITEN STAND are

  • 24/7 operation
  • superior customer experience
  • increasing retail surface ratio output (revenue up)
  • assist or replace a staff member
  • reducing queue time
  • low infrastructure
  • fast and easily deployable
  • minimal work and effortlessly plug and play
  • accurate computer vision and machine learning algorithm
Computer vision self checkout - machine learning autonomous self checkout software

What is in the box?

  • BAITEN STAND AI self-checkout software
  • Cloud service (AWS, AZUR etc..)
  • YOUR Payment system (API)
  • 1 PC 
  • 1 touch screen
  • 1 Camera (latest compatible model type)
  • Cables and other accessories hardware
  • Data set training service (initial)
  • Delivery and implementation service
  • Operation Training
  • Technical Support (1 year)

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About us

smart retail - Computer vision self checkout - machine learning autonomous check out

Team AIBOD creates powerful bespoke AI systems with machine learning technologies for a wide range of industries around the world including automotive, energy, and retail.

While every company collects data, its true potential is often left untapped. By assessing a company’s current operations, our team of experts is able to identify areas that could leverage AI-driven solutions including for retail. We then collaborate with each business to develop and implement these systems resulting in improved operations and a deeper understanding of data than ever before.

In addition to our partnerships, Team AIBOD develops proprietary AI softwares products.

  • Industries:  Information Technology and Services
  • Company size:  11-50 employees
  • Headquarters:  Fukuoka city, Fukuoka
  • Type:  Public Company
  • Founded:  2016
  • Specialties:  AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Science, computer vision, Artificial Intelligence, smart factorie, smart retail.