An Educational Game for Kids


Arithsaurs is specifically designed to help children improve their math skills with short and engaging sessions. This limits the screen time required to achieve the game's goals.

  • Each correct answer drops fruit to feed the hungry dino.
  • Questions also drop amber that kids can collect and trade in for special accessories.
  • The Arithsaur gets full, telling kids that they have practiced enough for the day and motivating them to come back each day to earn more amber (and boost their skills!)

Why Choose Arithsaurs?

Adaptive Difficulty Learning

As a child plays, the app adjusts the question difficulty based on his or her performance.

Varied Problem Types

The app uses both numbers and word problems to help children solve different types of equations.

Reporting Capabilities

Parents and teachers can see how a child is doing, discover questions they have trouble with, and get tips on how to help them improve.

Engaging Young Learners

Playing Arithsaurs encourages children to learn math in a low stress way. That way, kids can enjoy learning rather than feel pressured.

Arithsaurs Plays on Browser!


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