AI Image Recognition

The Industry Challenge

With consumer demand continually on the rise, it is tough for businesses to keep up. Empty shelves, incorrectly priced items, and missed sales opportunities often occur in the retail industry. Without an innovative solution, companies will continue to lose potential revenue.

Team AIBOD’s Solution

Unlike other AI systems, ours does not require a large amount of data to be trained. From as little as one item, our imaging system can determine key details that make everything from grocery shopping to goods appraisals more efficient and straightforward. This technology advances the ability for companies to catalog, evaluate, and process their inventory.


Use Case: Unmanned Store

Empty aisle of a grocery store

We are collaborating with a business partner on a cashier-less store for a university. This smart store will allow users to check out simply by taking a picture of the items they purchase, then the shop camera recognizes them.