AI Energy Management

The Industry Challenge

Renewable energy creates a new way to power your business. However, many companies install the technology to tap into these energy sources without taking the time to optimize their use.

Team AIBOD’s Solution

Our expertise in renewable energies and storage options allows us to optimize battery usage and help users to understand their environmental impacts. Whether it’s teaching individuals how to self-manage their energy consumption or helping businesses to better use the output from their solar panels, Team AIBOD can help.


Use Case: Kasuga City

Graph that explains about demand and supply matching: How energy data is predicted by Artificial Intelligence and calculates the kilowatt hour.

We developed an energy management system for the Kasuga area, south of Fukuoka city, that includes prediction of energy consumption, generation, and battery management. This helps the area power retailer to have more effective power operation to utilize local solar power and batteries.